NOOSHIN GHANBARI is a singer, writer, and staunch coffee lover, as well as a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor of Arts in English with Honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Plan II Honors with Special Honors. While at UT, Nooshin was awarded the Board of Regents’ Outstanding Student Award in Arts and Humanities for excellence in poetry, the Ellen Engler Burks Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing, and the James F. Parker Prize in Poetry.

A judge for the Parker Prize notes: “Nooshin’s writing is rich in sonic power. Delicate in their attention to line, her poems bravely dwell in the spaces of love and loss, the interstitial lands where what is yearned for and what is remembered uneasily mingle. […] Nooshin’s voice, clear and confident, is perhaps best described by a line from her poem, static: it is like tiny spots of electricity in flight.”

Nooshin currently lives in Austin, Texas, where she works as a K-2 English tutor with the AmeriCorps program, Literacy First. Her poetry can be found in WILDNESS, Apricity Magazine, Vagabond City Literary Journal, Skylark Review, and elsewhere both nationally and internationally.